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Genome assembly release: March, 2009
Mt3.0 release — The current Medicago genome assembly release site.
Mt2.0 releaseMedicago genome assembly version 2.0.
Mt1.0 releaseMedicago genome assembly version 1.0.
BAC sequences: August 12, 2011
These files contain all sequenced BACs, and are updated twice weekly.
Check the readme for file date and unzipped file size: MtBACs_readme.txt
MtBACsPh1.tar.gz — Phase 1 BACs: shotgun; multiple pieces, not ordered or oriented.
MtBACsPh2.tar.gz — Phase 2 BACs: multiple pieces, but ordered and oriented.
MtBACsPh3.tar.gz — Phase 3 BACs: finished sequence.
BACsNotInMt1.tar.gz — New BACs sequenced after Release Mt1.0. (BACsNotInMt1.0_11062007.txt)
Marker Report: October 2009
Mt_genetic_markers_Oct_2009.txt — A report on all markers: marker location, the associated BACs, primers/full squences.
BAC-end Sequences: October 18, 2005
Check the readme file for BAC-end sequence information: Mt_BES_readme.txt
Mt_BES_mth2.fas.gz — All BAC end sequences from the Hind III library
Mt_BES_mte1.fas.gz — All BAC end sequences from the French Eco RI library
Mt_BES_mth4.fas.gz — BAC ends from a small supplemental Hind III library
Mt_BES_mth4_new.fas.gz — new BAC ends from a small supplemental Hind III library with large inserts (up to more than 200kb)


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