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IMGAG Gene Annotation

The International Medicago Genome Annotation Group (IMGAG) was established to coordinate the generation of a reference genome annotation for the model legume Medicago truncatula.
Under the supervision of the international Medicago genome sequencing project Steering Committee, the aim is to provide high quality automated gene prediction and annotation for all finished sequences generated by the Medicago genome sequencing project.
The IMGAG gene calls are or will soon be available for genome browser and download access at:
  • TIGR: GBrowse; Downloads
  • MIPS: DBBrowser; download
    Both the annotation tasks and resulting data are shared between the contributing groups to ensure consistency and quality.
    The following institutions contribute to IMGAG: TIGR, INRA Toulouse, MIPS, the University of Minnesota (UMN), CCGB, Ghent University, the University of Oklahoma (OU) and others. See a list of current participants below,
    To address IMGAG please write to:
    Building on standards and processing protocols from the Arabidopsis, rice, and other genome projects, IMGAG has established a set of standards for gene identification, naming, data format, data processing, and data exchange protocols. These are summarized in: a word document: the white paper and described here: methods and parameters.
    Initial maps of the IMGAG genes onto the Gene Ontology Consortium's terms and the KEGG Arabidopsis thaliana pathways are available here.
  • Current IMGAG participants

    TIGR Chris Town
    Foo Cheung
    INRA-CNRS Jerome Gouzy
    Thomas Schiex
    Philippe Bardou
    MIPS Klaus Mayer
    Heiko Schoof
    Manuel Spannagl
    UMN Nevin Young
    Steven Cannon
    Shelley Wang
    Bing-Bing Wang
    Arvind K. Bharti
    Ghent University Yves Van de Peer
    Pierre Rouze
    Stephane Rombauts
    Lieven Sterck
    UO / ACGT Bruce Roe
    Steve Kenton
    NCGR Eric Archuleta
    Ernie Retzel

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